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EXTRA ORDINAIRE, Urban Scénos in La Meinau and Neuhof. An invitation by POLE SUD, with Espace Django and la HEAR. 10 invited artists working in collaboration with associations, inhabitants and staging an event on the 13-14-15th of june. With Boyzie Cekwana, Fanny de Chaillé, Catherine Boskowitz, Androa Mindre Kolo, Nina Stottrup Larsen, Andreya Ouamba, Gaetan Gromer, Abdoulaye Trésor Konaté, François Duconseille, Jc Lanquetin. And the students of la HEAR (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin), and inhabitants & associations in la Meinau and Neuhof.


Scenography for CHRONIQUE D’UNE VILLE QU’ON CROIT CONNAÎTRE // Mise en scène Wael Qadour & Mohamad Al Arashi // Première le 15 janvier 2019 à la Manufacture – Mulhouse. 


Scenography for KINSHASA CHRONIQUES // Sète – MIAM (Musée des Arts Modestes) and (2020) Paris – Cité de l’Architecture // Curated by Dominique Malaquais – Claude Allemand Cosneau – Fiona Meadows – Sebastien Godret – Androa Mindre Kolo // [scenography and photo project].


Scenography for A BLUEPRINT FOR TOADS AND SNAKES  – A solo exhibition by Sammy Baloji – See : 


FICTIONS ORDINAIRES Strasbourg // In the context of EXTRA ORDINAIRE, Urban Scénos in La Meinau and Neuhof // Pôle Sud – La HEAR – Espace Django  // Catherine Boskowitz – J-Christophe Lanquetin, François Duconseille, Nina Stottrup Larsen // 2 weeks residency @ LA CHAUFFERIE – La HEAR Gallery // with students, artists…


FICTIONS ORDINAIRES Strasbourg // In the context of EXTRA ORDINAIRE, Urban Scénos in La Meinau and Neuhof // Pôle Sud – La HEAR – Espace Django // Catherine Boskowitz – J-Christophe Lanquetin, François Duconseille, Nina Stottrup Larsen, Boyzie Cekwana, Sello Pesa // 2 weeks residency in La Meinau with students, artists, inhabitants…


Fev 08 – Mars 16// DE QUOI SOMMES NOUS FAITS // Andreya Ouamba – Clarisse Sagna – Kouam Tawa – Press Mayindou – Catherine Boskowitz – Cyril Givort // [scenography and videos] // Dakar (public presentation at IF Dakar feb17 – and Atelier de Paris : premiere 16-17th of march.


CHRONIQUES D’UNE RÉVOLUTION ORPHELINE  @ MC93 Bobigny// Texts by Mohamed El Attar – Directed by Leyla Rabih // [scenography and videos].


Nov 10 – 26 2017 // FICCIONES COTIDIANAS in Port au Prince // Festival Quatre Chemins  // Catherine Boskowitz – James St Felix – Maria Flor Pinheiro – Elise Villate – & performers // Performance 24th nov Place Carl Brouard.


DE QUOI SOMMES NOUS FAITS // Andreya Ouamba new dance piece // research residency  @ Pôle Sud – Strasbourg – premiered 16th of march at Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson. A projet with Catherine Boskowitz, Kouam Tawa… [scenography and videos].
Chroniques d’une révolution orpheline // 21th of october in Anvers.

URBAN SCENOS STRASBOURG // Beginning of a 2 years process in the neighborhood of La Meinau // Pôle Sud, HEAR [Play>Urban research program]. And beginning of a Fictions Ordinaires process in Strasbourg, which will culminate in march and may 18.


With [La]Horde for TO DA BONE creation // External point of view // Premiered at Charleroi Dance festival, oct 27-28 2017.

TRAVERSES#1 //  Leyla Rabih – Maxime Chudeau //  CADA & Theater Choisy Le Roy // First sept of a long term process with asylum seekers, migrants.


HEAR Strasbourg // 11 diplomas by students at the Scénography department // 26-30 june 2017 at Manufacture des Tabacs.

HUNTING AND COLLECTING, installation by Sammy Baloji [scenographic collaboration] // Palais de Tokyo for Exhibition ‘Dioramas’.


FICCIONES COTIDIANAS in Fort de France // At Tropiques Atrium Scene Nationale // With Catherine Boskowitz.

Chroniques d’une révolution orpheline at Theatre en mai, festival, Dijon.


FICCIONES COTIDIANAS// A project by Catherine Boskowitz and Jc Lanquetin // Medellin, Sinaï // The project will be premiered end of april 2017 in the streets of the Sinai area // With TrasNoche and the Corporea Nuestra Gente + artists and students // See HERE

 Publication in the Chimurenga Chronic of a text on Unathi Sigenu’s work.


Chroniques d’une révolution orpheline // Mise en scène Leyla Rabih // Scenography and videos.


Antoine m’a vendu son destin [Sony chez les chiens] // Written and directed by Dieudonné Niangouna // Scénography // Creation in Annecy and at  Théâtre National de la Colline.


Inhouse festival Johannesburg // Sello Pesa and team // Map Chach yon ville installation in urban space // Alexandra.


23/09: Map Chach yon ville installation & Urban Scénos Port au Prince at Festival des Francophonies Limoges // See: HERE  and HERE

See interview HERE


Residency in Berlin for Chroniques d’une révolution Orpheline // Leyla Rabih.
Preparatory residency in Medellin [French Season 2017] with TrasNoche // upcoming project in Medelin 2017 with Catherine Boskowitz // See: HERE


04-24/04: Residency in Philadelphia, at Re-Place-Ing // PHILLY FILES, a project with Faustin Linyekula : The performances will include live music by King Britt with Heru Shabaka-ra and Tim Motzer // 21>23 april 2016

PLAY>URBAN REVUE, publication of the first issue of the revue : People as Infrastructure.


11-21/03: Preparatory trip in Bogota [Colombia], in the perspective of the 2017 project with Catherine Boskowitz.


01-21/02: CHRONIQUES D’UNE REVOLUTION  ORPHELINE // Mohamed El Attar // A project by Leyla Rabih // 19-20 jan > Beyrouth (Mansion) and 27-28 fev, Paris (Confluences).


4-22/01: ACTIVATED OBJECTS, a residency in Strasbourg (HEAR) // First part of a French-Corean project // Upcoming second part : Séoul, sept 2016.


06/11: THE AGE I DON’T REMEMBER (A SLAVE OF ETERNITY) // Performance by Nastio Mosquito at ICA – London // Scenography for a music performance.
07 – 28/11: URBAN SCENOS in Port au Prince – an invitation by the Festival des quatre chemins // Artistic director Guy Régis Jr.


01-02/10: ‘BANANA REPUBLICS – HERE BE DRAGONS’, a project by Boyzie Cekwana & Nina Stottrup Larsen, Kampnagel Hamburg //  Scenography.
03-18/10 : ‘J’AI ARRETE DE CROIRE AU FUTUR‘  Andreya Ouamba – Francophonies, Limoges, 3 oct // Théâtre Jean Vilar, Vitry sur Seine, 10-11 oct // Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, 14-18 oct.


Installation by Sammy Baloji at the Lyon Biennale // Scenography. Opening on the 8th of sept.
07-20/09: Bogota with Laagencia, Escuela de Garaje. See :


09/07 : Exhibition opening at the Fondation Cartier ‘Congo Kitoko‘, 90 ans de peinture congolaise // Text in the catalogue, co written with Dominique Malaquais about Eza Possibles collective & interview from Kiripi Katembo.
10/07 – 09:00-10:30 : ECAS conference, Paris : ‘Not no place, images of the african city’ – A Panel discussion by Bettina Malcomess & Dorothee Kreutzfleldt.


Scenopolis festival at the Hall des Chars, Strasbourg. A collective project by 12 graduating students of the Scenography department at HEAR. Performances from june 24 to 28.
Preparatory trip in Beyrouth for a project on a series of texts by Mohamed el Attar. Director Leyla Rabih. Upcoming : a residency in Beyrouth, feb 2015 at Zoukak and Mantion. The performance will be premiered in 2017 at the Tarmac theater, Paris.


‘FREE JEW IS CHEAP AT TWICE THE PRICE’  – Steven Cohen residency at the HEAR Strasbourg. An invitation by the Scenography department in co realisation with Pôle Sud and the Frac Alsace.
See :