The age I don't remember (a slave of eternity) // Nastio Mosquito

The age I don’t remember (a slave of eternity) // Nastio Mosquito

 » When I was 17, it was a shit time turned good // It was a shit time turned worthy Summer time hot dusty lungs // Smoke, road, friends // And life again // It was not about dreams, my teens // They passed me by when I was 17… »

Concept, music, performance: Nastio Mosquito //  Video Vic Pereiro // Scenography Jc Lanquetin // Drums: Ndu // Keys: João Gomes // Double Bass: Hugo Antunes // ICA London,  6th of november 2015.

The stage is in the crowd (200 persons). There are 3 platforms for the musicians and some performative elements, 2 cubes, a lather, and a sheet of paper which is at the same time a screen and a dress. The performance starts when the audience enters and has to face N’du playing drums. Nastio is sitting in front of the papersheet with a machete. Then he starts walking in the space, running, talking and singing in a very direct connexion with the audience. At some point he takes down the screen and starts to play with it, asking the audience to help. Videos are projected on the paper, on his chest, on a black wall. The performance alternates songs, speetches, direct injunctions, etc.

Spectators constantly have to  decide their position and shift from one point to the other (or stay in a corner and observe the all performance from far). The crowd is an instrument. We try to push boundaries in terms of emotions. The way N addresses the audience goes from very sweet to very direct – like an evangelic priest -… the question of faith is at work. Indications and comments are given publicly and directly, including technical, related to lights, etc. It enlarges the spectrum of experience: people speak, do comments, some start dancing, some stay close with a musician, others follow N… I like to capture their body position in such moments. They also can ‘help’ at some point (when N moves the paper). What is usually taking place distantly (on a frontal stage), here happens next to you, but not all the time: it goes from very close to a global immersed experience, vision no longer being the main sense. It emphasizes the intensity of the emotions, and of the reflexion.


Preparatory drawings & sketches for the screen.