J'ai arrêté de croire au futur // Andreya Ouamba

J’ai arrêté de croire au futur // Andreya Ouamba

A dance piece by Andreya Ouamba // Text Wakeu Fokaing // Scenography Jc Lanquetin – Assistant Ikhyeon Park // Lights Cyril Givort //Live music Aymeric Avice //  Actor Wakeu Fokeng // Dancers Marcel Gbeffa, Clarisse Sagna, Aicha Kaboré, Roseline Mabonzo, Jean Robert Koudogho Kiki.

Premiere at L’Atelier de Paris/Carolyn Carlson, 22-23 jan 2015. Tour in Berlin, Limoges, Vitry, Paris (Théâtre de la Ville), july – oct 2015.

The starting point is the way African political leaders, dictators by multiples ways of  ‘occupying’ the space, lock any possibility for individuals to believe in a future and invent their own lifes. The piece articulates dance with performed texts. The space plays with the way presidents and dictators often stage themselves in order the audience to watch them watching the performance.

The performance at Atelier de Paris, jan 2015 :


A series of mappings during a preparatory residency at l’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson, jan 2014:

Drawings (researches), jan-feb 2014:

Drawings (researches), october 2014:

Reharsal process // Ouagadougou, nov 2014: