2010 // Aborder les bordures

2010 // Aborder les bordures

A project by Eric Van Hove & Nida Sninokrot // With Nina Stottrup Larsen, Jeremy Tomczak, Pathy Tshindele, Eric Van Hove, Nida Sinnokrot, Emmanuel Lambion, Véronique Caille, Khang Vong // Opening 23-04-10 at ISELP.

A project on the question of borders in link with the belgian context, the linguistic borders and the possibility for the country to be splitted. A five days seminar followed by a group exhibition at ISELP, in link with a symposium ‘Aborder les bordures’.

Interventions in the exhibition: a charcoal drawing on a wall (a cloud), and a collage of pictures made on the working table (a project with Nina Stottrup Larsen – Bitcaves).

See: Border (a video, 4’59).

Mappings (notebooks).