2009 // The Belleville series // A little market.

2009 // The Belleville series // A little market.

In 2009 I work for the Livraison project in Paris – Belleville, the area where I live in. There has always been informal second hand markets around, but at this time, it has become massive, a lot of people sailing various stuff: foreigners, a lot of elders, homeless, etc. A highly visible symptom of the ongoing crisis. One morning, as I walk, I document the police scattering people, who pack and leave hastily. A few minutes after, the market reappears somewhere around. In Belleville there is a lot of immigrants (many are illegal), activists, homeless, chinese, etc. They don’t want to be recognized on pictures; I respect this via a white circle on their face. A woman stands in front of my camera, claiming her disagreement with the situation. She wants me to take a picture from her.




LIVRAISON 14 Texts on Belleville

LIVRAISON 14 Bellville in Capetown