Some more projects

Some more projects

2007 // TopDog UnderDog // Lorie Parks // Ph Boulay

Direction Philip Boulay // Scenography Jc Lanquetin // Lights Stephane Loirat // Sound Jean François Domingues // With Toto Kisaku, Moanda Daddy Kamono, Androa Mindre Kolo //  Creation at the Théâtre de l’Athénée, Paris, sept 2007.

A text on the spectacle, by Sylvie Chalaye.


1997 // L’Hypothèse // Pinget // Clyde Chabot

Text Robert Pinget Direction Clyde Chabot Scenography Jean-Christophe Lanquetin Lights Pierre Zach Actors Marc Bertin, Elodie Brémaud, Boris Lémant, Raphaël Potier, Cécile Saint-Paul / Creation in 1997 at Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris / Cie La communauté inavouable.


1991 // Nénuphar // Olivia Grandville

Creation at the Hivernales, Avignon, feb 1991, cie Bagouet.



2004 // Le conte de l’Ile Inconnue // Saramago // Hanan Kassab Hassan

Direction Hannan Kassab Hassan With the actors from the Drama School of Damascus and from the National Theater / Théâtre Hamra de Damas, fev04.

Two weeks for designing a space for the Saramago story, « around a trip by boat » / work with raw materials, plastic sheet, wooden pieces, textiles, metalic tower usually used for technics on stage… The performance disconcerted people, in particular because the use we made of raw objects in a context where people seem not to be used to this in theater.


1997 // Miniatures // Saadallah Wannous // Naila El Attrach

Text Sadallah Wannous  Direction Naila Al Attrach / Creation in Damascus fortress / Syria / june1997
Minitatures happened at the end of a long process, started in 1994, through a partnership between the ISTS in Avignon and the Damascus Theater School. After a first scenographic workshop, the project of a contemporary syrian production for theater came. Naila El Attrach is got in touch, she decides to choose a Saadallah Wannous text, Miniatures. The project starts with the students of Damascus Theater School, in february 1995. For political reasons it’s interrupted. It restarts in 1997, Wannous is dead in the meantime, and the project becomes kind of an official performance at the Damascus fortress, which is reoppened fot the occasion to the audience as it was for long a political prison. We are performing just in front of Salahdin’s Iwan.


2000 // Sham’s // François Abou Salem

Francois Abou Salem / création nov01 at Forum culturel du Blanc Mesnil /Tour in Paris suburbs, in Palestine and in East Jerusalem.

1997 // Projet Kafka // Danielle Bré

Two performances, « Nous les héros » by Jean Luc Lagarce and  » Mr K’s little circus » fragments of Kafka’s diary, directed by Danielle Bré / Antoine Vitez Theater in Aix en Provence / april 1997 / With the students  in theatrical studies at Aix en Provence university.