2011 // In India

2011 // In India

fragments about my time in New Delhi 2011, during a workshop at the Gati Dance Forum.

Theatrical places ?

The question of theatrical spaces arises. As usual, I could say !

What could be a theatrical space for such a project here in New Delhi ? Certainely not the caricature of classical theater where they will perfom. The space in itself is ok, quite large, but old, and moreover, is it appropriate to a reflexion on space, as it is based on the classical european principle. As if theater was only this all over the world !

In the first two days, I see two others spaces who are immediately for me questionning this.

Jantar Mantar and a little mosque in Lodi garden. The question is not to be local or whatever (even though I think and expericence when travelling the differences of spaces – physicality, forms… – in different places over the world), but interrogate why an european standard became so universal, as « THE theater place », and why is it still so difficult to think in a larger way about theatrality, which does exist everywhere in terms of space.

But maybe the Lodi mosque and Jantar Mantar are too obvious options, in their way to be related to past and religion. Maybe, simply we should design spaces in the city, in urban space, as a way to play with the question of public space.

Jantar Mantar, a theatrical place ?

Reading Katia Legeret (p.55) about nta (ritual) : regularity, rule and adherence (régularité, règle et adhésion). The first one is based on the macrocosm, for instance the observation of the regularity of astronomical phenomenon : the second one is about mesocosm, the institutions of a society and the third is about microcosm, the deep adherence of hart and soul and the faith in the person. (…) Accomplishing a ritual is about assuming the cohesion and interdependency of these three worlds. (…) The dancer-actor has in particular to dissolve himself as an individual and rebuild himself as an analogy with the elements of the nature and the universe.

See also : René Daumal, Bharata p88.

How to work with such a space, as the astronomical dimension appears in the texts about ancient indian theater.