2010 // Urban Scénos   Dark Zone? // Le Maillon

2010 // Urban Scénos <> Dark Zone? // Le Maillon

Installation with François Duconseille (ScU2) // From 18 to 30 mars 2010 at Le Maillon theater, Strasbourg // Opening on march 18 at 19:00 pm // Public presentation « RR=FF », on march 30 at 19:30 pm // With the support of  l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg & de la Ville de Strasbourg.

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A  mental cartography around our personal questions about the Urban Scénos project, and the possibility to see many documents about the projects who were developed by artists during the residencies between 2002 and 2010. The questions, we call them « Dark zone? », a way to sketch around the shadows wich are part of the project. It came from an intuition, during the exhibition at Basel ArtFair 2009, the wall we made there, the network we were sketching, was maybe too didactic. In the Maillon, we stage a space of questions and a network; network also as a way to go over the cheavages around Europ/Africa. Around this space, 3 video screens with various performances created during the residencies, and on the walls, images, fragments, texts…

On the 30th of march we will activate this space, during the time of a public presentation « RR=FF ».

A series of preparatory drawings and notes.

A fragment of a text by Paul Gilroy, published in the booklet of the exhibition: