2001 // A perte de mémoire 4 // Thomas Duchatelet

2001 // A perte de mémoire 4 // Thomas Duchatelet

A project by Thomas Duchatelet at Culture Commune (Loos en Gohelle)

Choreographer Thomas Duchatelet / Scenography JcLanquetin Assistant scenography Manu Duro / Dancers Johana Cessiecq, Antoine Coesens, Fabienne Donnio, Adeline Lerme, Samuel Mathieu, Hoang Ouach Phuong Video Hassan Legzouli  Sound creation Jean Paul Brédif  Video & sound technics Bertrand Baudry  Creation at Culture Commune, Loos en Gohelle sept01.

A dance piece in a former minery main hall (salle des pendus), in Loos en Gohelle. The landscape around appears on the walls via video. Over the dance stage a series of video monitors demultiplicating the point of view, and a suspended structure, with an organic form. Inside of it, lights in movement (designed by Manu Duro). When the stage and the video are on, everything seems to move around the dancers.

Cie Thomas Duchatelet.


Views of the space and performance: